What does an agile coach do?

Well what i did today… This was a mid sprint day for the majority of the teams i am currently helping……   TL;DR Teaching, Facilitation, Evangelising, Conflict Negotiation, Mentoring, Community, Tools, Product, DevOps   On the train I listened to the DevOps handbook. Loving this…..   Stand up 1, a team without a dedicated scrum […]

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Throw out your road map!

The credit has to go to Clement Pickering who is the originator of the visual road mapping idea. See his slideshare. The following is my experiences with Visual road maps   The Experiment We had a relatively new product owner who had a list of times he wanted complete in the year. He had an […]

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Swansea Con – Hell Yeah!

My Journey to Swansea was fine, my Journey back was not! The middle was a blast. Awesome people, awesome talks and I even got to do some graphical recording. A big theme that came through the talks I attended was being agile over doing agile and solving problems or outcomes over deliverables.  TL;DR If you […]

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Projects vs Products – Fight!!!!!

A recent challenge for me has been to eloquently espouse the benefits of product teams over project teams. Here are my thoughts for your perusal, feedback and a request for your thoughts and help too.   We shall define as such: Product teams: Long lived teams structured around a product or products Project teams: Short […]

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Agile Elaboration Questions

Questions are important, questions illuminate, questions remove assumptions, questions create good thinking. Here are some questions to use when elaborating agile user stories. Please leave your favourite elaboration questions in the comment section:   Question Process Has the story been created collaboratively? What Do you as a team have a shared understanding of the story? […]

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You aren’t Listening!

Ever had that conversation with your partner or work colleague where you can see an obvious problem but they don’t really want a fix for the issue? Watch the below video     Listening Modes: Julian Treasure explains eloquently in his TED videos and book about several possible listening modes or positions. The video above with […]

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What is coaching? – I need you

I have recently embarked on a PG Cert in Business and Personal Coaching with Barefoot coaches. This is a really amazing course and one which has improved my self awareness and effectiveness as a “Human Being” as well as a huge leap in my coaching practice. I need to ask for a favour from you, I […]

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We are not alone

On the 22nd of February I was lucky enough to attend Unicom’s Showcase North event. The event was a witches cauldron of DevOps, Testing and Agile with three tracks in the afternoon. I Chaired! the agile track which I was very lucky too given the quality of the speakers on show. Kevin Rutherford gave for […]

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Backlog reFUNment!

We all have a favourite agile meeting or ceremony. Or maybe not! For most of us I suspect it wouldn’t be backlog refinement. It’s not usually a fun meeting talking through backlog items re ordering discussing possible solutions and options again and again.   Why do you want to make backlog refinement more fun? Anything […]

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