Tell your story

Recently i have been reading and re-reading more books which are written as a story rather than text book style books. The goal, the phoenix project, the tao of coaching, 5 dysfunctions of a team for example. I really enjoy this format and find myself much more likely to get through the books completely which i usually don’t manage with some of the more text book like IT books.


Writing these books as a story has affected my behaviour. It has me more engaged. How else could we use story telling in IT? We use story telling every day without even knowing it. We use analogies to relate software problems to real world problems. In the phoenix project Eric uses manufacturing to tell a story to Bill to change behaviours.


We very rarely tell the story of a software project but it would be useful. We could tell the story of a project before we start work on it. Get fast feedback on the ideas and learn. I have recently come across Scenes which looks a useful tool to tell the story of a product, or feature idea. We are trialling this and will report back.



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