What is coaching? – I need you

I have recently embarked on a PG Cert in Business and Personal Coaching with Barefoot coaches. This is a really amazing course and one which has improved my self awareness and effectiveness as a “Human Being” as well as a huge leap in my coaching practice. I need to ask for a favour from you, I need some volunteer coaching clients in order to evidence my coaching practice.

You may be reading this and thinking what is coaching and why would I want it. Well, I am giving it away for free! Coaches typically charge between £200 and £2000 per session.


What is coaching I here you ask?

Coaching Is.jpg

Coaching is:

  • Pairing with a client facilitate learning
  • Personal exploration in a safe environment
  • Transformational
  • An environment for good thinking
  • Facilitating the growth of a coacheee through questioning reflection and challenge
  • Led by the client or coachees agenda
  • Focused, purposeful
  • Based on trust
  • Facilitating self directed neuroplasticity
  • Goal and growth orientated
  • Agenda set by client or coachee facilitated by coach
  • Results focused
  • Unconditional positive regard
  • Facilitated discussion
  • Safe and confidential space
  • A facilitated safe space of reflection with a goal focus
  • A mix of challenge, support, reflection, and questions
  • An exploration of thinking, beliefs, values and goals
  • Working alliance
  • Taking learning forward
  • Work focused over purely personal issue focus


Coaching is not:

  • Therapy
  • Purely listening
  • Suggesting solutions
  • A nice friendly chat
  • Teaching alone
  • A one size fits all approach
  • Appropriate for every situation
  • Counselling
  • Not simply a nice conversation
  • Telling
  • A single model to be applied to each individual


Apologies for lack of complete references, see references below. Some of the above points may include others work. No intention to steal work and claim as my own.

If you are in or around the Leeds area then please get in touch via Linkedin, Twitter or e-mail me on: Stephen.mounsey@live.com



Nancy Kline – Time to think

Myles Downey – Modern effective coaching

John Whitmore – Coaching for performance

Amy Brann – Neuroscience for Coaches




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