Keep CALMS and Performance Test

I have shamelessly re used the Jez Humble coined DevOps CALMS acronym for the use of performance testing and if I say so myself I think it works quite well.


Culture – No separate Performance specialist team specialist performance testers to work with and part of teams rather than a separate bubble. Performance specialists to give testing and development community talks.

Automation – Establish early and often automated performance testing within each teams and within Pre-Production environments where necessary. Performance Specialists working with teams to integrate into pipelines and environment creation. Continuous performance testing against Pre-Production environments to shorten cycle times and feedback loops.

Lean – Removing waste from the process making things as simple as possible. Simple easy to use tooling and support for teams. Early and Often testing de-risking early. Speed up the time to performance feedback cycle time. Speeding up time from execution to information using dashboards.

Measurement – Focus shifts from late testing to continuous measurement and monitoring of performance. Teams and specialists to work with Ops teams to understand production performance and reflect back into models and tests.

Sharing – Performance specialists to share skills, knowledge, principles with delivery and operations teams, with everybody, with anybody who will listen. Performance specialists to talk at internal events sharing good performance testing stories and start those communities if they aren’t there already.


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