Estimation – Hit the Bucket

Estimation, it can be a bit boring and also evocative! #Noestimates


If you need to do some estimation for whatever reason how can we make it more fun? I think this may be a first for me, a potentially original idea!  That’s why it is a very short blog post!


Get some buckets or containers and place your estimation labels on them. Could be 1,3,5,8 could be Small, Medium, Large could be anything the team want to use, dogs etc.


Arrange a room with the buckets in the middle and the seats on the outside, introduce the item as per normal estimation, talk about it then when it comes time to vote ask the team to attempt to throw some object into the bucket which has the appropriate label.


Works well with ballpit balls, Lego bricks, story cubes whatever is to hand. A little gimmick to make estimating things fun? Tick one off your bucket List!


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