Projects vs Products – Fight!!!!!

A recent challenge for me has been to eloquently espouse the benefits of product teams over project teams. Here are my thoughts for your perusal, feedback and a request for your thoughts and help too.   We shall define as such: Product teams: Long lived teams structured around a product or products Project teams: Short […]

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You aren’t Listening!

Ever had that conversation with your partner or work colleague where you can see an obvious problem but they don’t really want a fix for the issue? Watch the below video     Listening Modes: Julian Treasure explains eloquently in his TED videos and book about several possible listening modes or positions. The video¬†above with […]

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What is coaching? – I need you

I have recently embarked on a PG Cert in Business and Personal Coaching with Barefoot coaches. This is a really amazing course and one which has¬†improved my self awareness and effectiveness as a “Human Being” as well as a huge leap in my coaching practice. I need to ask for a favour from you, I […]

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