Throw out your road map!

The credit has to go to Clement Pickering who is the originator of the visual road mapping idea. See his slideshare. The following is my experiences with Visual road maps   The Experiment We had a relatively new product owner who had a list of times he wanted complete in the year. He had an […]

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Projects vs Products – Fight!!!!!

A recent challenge for me has been to eloquently espouse the benefits of product teams over project teams. Here are my thoughts for your perusal, feedback and a request for your thoughts and help too.   We shall define as such: Product teams: Long lived teams structured around a product or products Project teams: Short […]

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Agile Elaboration Questions

Questions are important, questions illuminate, questions remove assumptions, questions create good thinking. Here are some questions to use when elaborating agile user stories. Please leave your favourite elaboration questions in the comment section:   Question Process Has the story been created collaboratively? What Do you as a team have a shared understanding of the story? […]

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Backlog reFUNment!

We all have a favourite agile meeting or ceremony. Or maybe not! For most of us I suspect it wouldn’t be backlog refinement. It’s not usually a fun meeting talking through backlog items re ordering discussing possible solutions and options again and again.   Why do you want to make backlog refinement more fun? Anything […]

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Let down by agile

As a scrum master, agile coach type one of the key skills is working with people and teams facilitating their self organisation. This isn’t easy people are a tricky subject, they are all different and require different approaches. Looking for tools to help with this one book i read last year was Patrick Lencioni’s book […]

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Backlog Health Check

One of the key concepts of Scrum is Backlogs, a product and a sprint backlog. Scrum would like our product backlog to be: Detailed appropriately Estimated Emergent Prioritised   While these are good principles and are very useful there are some more i have come to value from working with one particular team. Thanks team […]

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Fresh Scrum

Over the past few weeks i have been experimenting with ideas to keep the daily scrum fresh interesting and motivating.   Following an entertaining and useful session on “Improv Games” at Agile Manchester i have started to play some of these games with the team. The teams seem a little skeptical but i have enough […]

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