What does an agile coach do?

Well what i did today… This was a mid sprint day for the majority of the teams i am currently helping……   TL;DR Teaching, Facilitation, Evangelising, Conflict Negotiation, Mentoring, Community, Tools, Product, DevOps   On the train I listened to the DevOps handbook. Loving this…..   Stand up 1, a team without a dedicated scrum […]

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Swansea Con – Hell Yeah!

My Journey to Swansea was fine, my Journey back was not! The middle was a blast. Awesome people, awesome talks and I even got to do some graphical recording. A big theme that came through the talks I attended was being agile over doing agile and solving problems or outcomes over deliverables.  TL;DR If you […]

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Trending Spotify Health Check

I was recently undertook some trend analysis on the Spotify health check with the goal of identifying areas which are affecting multiple squads which we may want to provide help with. This was a really interesting exercise as with qualitative data it doesn’t easily lend itself to trend analysis. If you aren’t au fais with […]

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Does Happiness Matter?

Apologies for the half finished nature of this post, please excuse me. I hope to update   Flow With Scrum we talk about sustainable work. Not burning people out, even flow, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi gives a great Ted talk about this. Wikipedia defines Flow as “the mental state of operation in which a person performing an […]

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