Throw out your road map!

The credit has to go to Clement Pickering who is the originator of the visual road mapping idea. See his slideshare. The following is my experiences with Visual road maps   The Experiment We had a relatively new product owner who had a list of times he wanted complete in the year. He had an […]

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Backlog reFUNment!

We all have a favourite agile meeting or ceremony. Or maybe not! For most of us I suspect it wouldn’t be backlog refinement. It’s not usually a fun meeting talking through backlog items re ordering discussing possible solutions and options again and again.   Why do you want to make backlog refinement more fun? Anything […]

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Tell your story

Recently i have been reading and re-reading more books which are written as a story rather than text book style books. The goal, the phoenix project, the tao of coaching, 5 dysfunctions of a team for example. I really enjoy this format and find myself much more likely to get through the books completely which […]

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Drawing the Craftsmen

Earlier this week I had the pleasure to attend and draw at Swansea con. This was my first software craftsmanship conference and a real eye opener for me. I thoroughly enjoyed it. The event was well run and organised at the Liberty stadium, an impressive venue. Only more impressive was the organiser Viv Richards¬†¬†whos enthusiasm […]

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Funk up your CV

“Resume: a written exaggeration of only the good things a person has done in the past, as well as a wish list of qualities a person would like to have. ” Bo Bennett   What if a CV or resume could be different? A more engaging, easier to understand at a moments glance. I have […]

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