Backlog reFUNment!

We all have a favourite agile meeting or ceremony. Or maybe not! For most of us I suspect it wouldn’t be backlog refinement. It’s not usually a fun meeting talking through backlog items re ordering discussing possible solutions and options again and again.   Why do you want to make backlog refinement more fun? Anything […]

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Trending Spotify Health Check

I was recently undertook some trend analysis on the Spotify health check with the goal of identifying areas which are affecting multiple squads which we may want to provide help with. This was a really interesting exercise as with qualitative data it doesn’t easily lend itself to trend analysis. If you aren’t au fais with […]

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Let down by agile

As a scrum master, agile coach type one of the key skills is working with people and teams facilitating their self organisation. This isn’t easy people are a tricky subject, they are all different and require different approaches. Looking for tools to help with this one book i read last year was Patrick Lencioni’s book […]

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Backlog Health Check

One of the key concepts of Scrum is Backlogs, a product and a sprint backlog. Scrum would like our product backlog to be: Detailed appropriately Estimated Emergent Prioritised   While these are good principles and are very useful there are some more i have come to value from working with one particular team. Thanks team […]

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Tell your story

Recently i have been reading and re-reading more books which are written as a story rather than text book style books. The goal, the phoenix project, the tao of coaching, 5 dysfunctions of a team for example. I really enjoy this format and find myself much more likely to get through the books completely which […]

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Testbash Manchester #amazeballs

The People The thing that hits me when I attend a test bash is the enthusiasm, energy, engagement of everybody. It hits you in the face the amazing people who attend, speak and organise, the people are infectious they make you better, they teach you things. They make you want to be better, they make you want to […]

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Drawing the Craftsmen

Earlier this week I had the pleasure to attend and draw at Swansea con. This was my first software craftsmanship conference and a real eye opener for me. I thoroughly enjoyed it. The event was well run and organised at the Liberty stadium, an impressive venue. Only more impressive was the organiser Viv Richards  whos enthusiasm […]

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Does Happiness Matter?

Apologies for the half finished nature of this post, please excuse me. I hope to update   Flow With Scrum we talk about sustainable work. Not burning people out, even flow, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi gives a great Ted talk about this. Wikipedia defines Flow as “the mental state of operation in which a person performing an […]

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